Brazilian sprint boater Queiroz cheats death makes history at Rio 2016

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9 months ago


Isaquias Queiroz is the first Brazilian athlete to earn two medals at this year’s Games. On Thursday, he will probably have his best choice of gold


In Thursday (18 August), Queiroz added bronze in the C1 200m to his silver in the C1 1000m on Tuesday. (Photo: Getty Images/Tom Pennington)

Best boatman Isaquias Queiroz First State city cheated death three times by the age of ten. Now, the 22-year-old could be a cheat Olympic medalist and Brazil’s initial ever medalist in canoeing.
In the event he was 3, Queiroz was scalded by change of state food water. At 5 this individual was abducted. Aged eight. he fell from a tree onto a rock and roll, ripping his urinary organ much in 0.5. This hurt resulted within the removing of his excretory organ and gave him the appellation he is familiar by in Brazil, ‘Sem Rim’ or ‘Missing Kidney’. Queiroz’s success might are written in the stars: this individual was born in the village of Ubaitaba, that within the native Amerind means that ‘city of canoes.


Queiroz capsized after the end of his race on Thursday but it did not dampen his spirits          (Photo: Getty Images/Phil Walter)

Silver on Tuesday

Queiroz took the silver in the first event, the men’s 1000m canoe sole, on Tuesday (16 August). He finished less than two seconds behind precious metal medalist Sebastian Brendel of Germany with a time of 3: 58. 42 tommers skærm.

“I’m proud to have raced against the silver medal, ” he said. “It’s my first Olympics and I am delighted with my result. I am just happy to have gained silver. It tastes somewhat like gold because Now i am at home and I actually have trained very hard. ” Queiroz became an instant paddling legend in Brazil with his steel. “I’ve actually already believed a lttle bit of that of being an idol in Brazil, ” he said on Thursday. “I was walking on the avenue yesterday trying to get to the gym and folks would stop me to adopt pictures of me, so my coach had to drag me so My spouse and i could move. Queiroz is merely the fifth athlete from Brazil to say multiple medals in an one edition of the Olympic Games and the first since swimmer Cesar Cubierta in 2008.


Queiroz paddled his way into Brazilian sporting history on Thursday (18 August) (Photo:         Getty Images/Phil Walter)

Bronze on Thursday

On Thursday, Queiroz competed in his second event, the men’s single canoe single 200m, and picked up bronze. Queiroz was trailing for most of the race before he made a last minute surge to claim third place, just two hundredths of a second ahead of fourth-place finisher Alfonso Benavidez Lopez de Ayala of Spain, with a time of 39.628 seconds. Taking the gold was Yuriy Cheban of Ukraine with a time of 39.279. After the race, Queiroz said: “I didn’t do too well when I first started, as this was a 200m and I actually specialize in 1000m. Then I started to pick up pace to a very strong pace. I had to use a lot of strength, and I felt tired, but I knew the other people would be more tired so I sprinted and won the medal in the last centimeters.” Cheban, who took gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games, was the last man into the final, squeezing in with the last qualifying spot after finishing third in his semi-final on Wednesday. His launch for the finish catapulted him into the water, but did not dampen his euphoria at the title.

Gold on Friday?

Queiroz includes a final chance for ending within the men’s room double 1000m canoe sprint on Fri. Queiroz are going to be athletics with partner Erlon First State Souza silva. The Brazilians are world champions during this event and it might be their best probability at a home gold medal.


    Queiroz has one more chance for gold on Friday (Photo: Getty Images/Mike Ehrmann)

“I hope that we tend to win the trophy,” Queiroz said on Th. “I suppose we’ve got an opportunity as a result of we’re terribly robust. I hope that Erlon conjointly features a likelihood of winning a honor within the Olympic Games, he contains a very disadvantaged past thus he very deserves it for the work that he is place in.”

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