The new Delivery drones on test drive!

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10 months ago


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Shipping may arrive sooner than we believe The FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION will allow Google to test its delivery drones at six test sites in the U.H., and other federal organizations will be conducting their own drone studies.

The Federal Aviation Administration has given Google the oriental light today to try delivery drones within six approved test sites in america.

Although this testing has recently been going on internationally — even Amazon has released it will start screening its drones in the U. K. — FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION regulations had prevented any testing in the Circumstance. S. Until now, drones could just be operated with human pilots, within the pilot’s sight.
Also today, the White House Workplace of Science and Technology Policy declared that the U. S. National Scientific research Foundation will spend 35 dollars million over the next five years, researching unmanned flight. The Department of Interior will also be expanding its use of drones.

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